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Why should I attend a DLF meeting?

Why not? Seriously, our attendees are not just lighting designers, but architects, interior designers, engineers, etc. You can take advantage of the reception before the meeting to make new contacts, learn about new products, network within the design community or just catch up with old acquaintances. Much of our business is based on networking, and the DLF has a monthly schedule that is ideal for this.

I'm a student. Why should I attend a meeting?

DLF meetings are a great place to meet professionals working in your field. DLF meetings are a great place to look for internships, informational or practice interviews, or just find out more about your potential profession. In addition to the networking potential, and the educational presentation, there is always the free food.

What should I expect from a meeting?

You should leave every meeting having learned something. We encourage our speakers to be frank about what aspects of their projects worked, as well as which didn't work and why. You may leave with some ideas for decorative fixtures, a better understanding of the energy codes, or even some helpful tips on common problems we've all experienced.

Do I have to be a member to get the e-announcements?

No. Click "Subscribe" to the left, and add your name to our e-mailing list. It is that easy.

Can I receive NCQLP credits for attending DLF meetings?

Yes. Under the self reporting rules outlined by the NCQLP, each DLF meeting counts as ½ point. Even thought that doesn't sound like many, attending a full season will net you eight points, and over the three year NCQLP renewal cycle, that is 24 of your required 36 points!

How can I display a product at a DLF meeting?

You can look up our rates for product displays by clicking on Display Product button to the left. Corporate members receive a reduced rate for table displays before the meetings.

How can I suggest a great presentation for next season?

Whether you want to present a project you've worked on, or have a topic that you're interested in, please let us know. We're always looking for meeting topics. You may contact any of the board members with suggestions.

How do I tell someone that I enjoyed/hated the last meeting?

We're constantly looking for feedback on our events. Again, you may contact any of the board members with your thoughts.

How can I help with the DLF?

We welcome help in any form. If you would like to commit to a position on the Board of Directors, please let us know. Our board meetings are typically held the Monday night following a regular meeting, please confirm with an active board member. If you're not quite ready to commit to a board member position, try being a DLF Associate and volunteer to help sign people in for a meeting. You only have to arrive an hour earlier, and you still get to see the whole presentation. If you're interested in volunteering, please contact Jeremy Windle.